Rock Band....the one video game I have actually found an interest in. Okay, maybe it can sometimes be more like an obsession. Once or twice, my family has even referenced addiction and intervention potential when they think I am safely engaged in a hard rip of A7X on the guitar- the RB kind of course. I forced myself to play because I didn't want to always be "no fun mom" sitting and watching the family play the xbox TOGETHER, as if somehow making an ass out of myself a few times would satiate the needs of familial closeness. Thats the last truly mom-like rational thought about RockBand I remember having, several months ago. Now, I am the biggest kid in the house, bartering for tv time and all but begging someone to play with when I am tired of looking at the stand ins playing my favorite tunes or going on a road challenge with no one to share my frequent flyer miles. So....have I finally found the youngster in my "old before my years" existence? Or is RB just this years annoying OCD hobby that my kids just can't bring themselves to squash- knowing the other options that may be "the next thing".