running 4 weeks postpartum?

Hannah - posted on 03/31/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, so i used to run atleast 3 times a week before i got pregnant with my son. Then when i.was pregnant my boobs were too sore to run for the first few months and by the time they didnt hurt, i didnt feel like running anymore. After he was born my husband was away for army reasons for 6 months, so i never had childcare or a jogging stroller. Annnd shortly after my husband got home, i was pregnant again and had morning sickness for 14 weeks, and ended up not being able to walk.because my baby was on a nerve.. Soo its been a good 2 years since i last ran regularly. Now my daughter is 4 weeks old and i have a hige urge to run. The nurse said not to until 6 weeks and then to ask my doctor first..should i go,.or wait? I stopped bleeding a couple days ago and feel fine..


Mazy - posted on 04/11/2012




I started walking the week my first son was born (I did take a day off) with him in the stroller. Then after one week I started a very very slow jog, again with him in a stroller. By the time he was three or four weeks I had a jogging stroller & went for real runs (they weren't too quick though, haha!) I stopped bleeding after six weeks or so (it was on & off for those six weeks & not really heavy). I had no problems what so ever with running. Sure, I was told to wait 6 weeks as well, but I just didn't. I did wait a bit longer (two months or so) because he was born in December & we ended up having a VERY difficult winter (lots of snow & ice) and the only time I could run without having to bundle up the two kids was when Hubs was home & it was dark by then. So yes! If you are up to it, Go Run! Start off easy, don't feel bad about walking if you need to, and listen to your body.

Take care!


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Charity_knox - posted on 10/16/2012




yes start walking and build up to running if you start bleeding more slow down but you should be fine just take things in strides. I ran till 19 weeks while preggo with my twins and then walked till I delivered and then got back to running 6/7 weeks postpartum. It took a while to get back to where I was but I'm getting there. Good luck!

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