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This post is inspired by Heather Hart's post "Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles". Bubbles are a great summer time activity (and winter too BTW!) so I have a few tips and tricks to share to recreate the bubble experience!

Sick of buying bubble solution again and again all summer long? Try this! Fill a gallon milk jug or ice cream bucket with water, add to the water about a half a cup of the YELLOW joy dish soap. The yellow joy works best with the white ivory soap next in line. Mix gently with a spoon and enjoy! I have been told to add a dash of baking powder (or maybe it was baking soda?), not sure why but I do intend to try it this summer!

Looking for a change up from the usual bubble wand? Here are some ideas you can probably get from around your home!

-a pipe cleaner twisted into a fun shape

-a toilet paper tube (until it gets mushy)

-your hands, after you've dipped them in bubble solution

-a straw

-a bunch of straws rubber banded together

-the plastic from a six pack of soda or beer

-a coat hanger

-fresh produce bags (either the mesh bags or the plastic bags like what grapes come in)

-spaghetti noodle measurer

-link-a-doo rings

-try a whisk or a mixing beater

If little bubbles don't amuse your children anymore, make a giant wand! I have added a link to the bottom that will take you directly to a site that shows you how to make a giant bubble making wand for mere dollars, I found this site AFTER I bought a wand for over 20 bucks! There are also lots of other bubble solution recipes, wand ideas and bubble blowing techniques on this site so enjoy!



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Wow Jodi! What great ideas!!! I think you are going to be my kids favorite person for at lease a day!!

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