Christmas Crafts

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Give directions for the best Christmas craft to do with your kids. If you can, share a picture. Inexpensive is best!


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Jodi - posted on 12/07/2010




My daughter isn't even 2 yet, so we keep them simple, but I've seen grade schoolers do this one before!

With an electric mixer beat equal parts of white elmer's type school glue and men's barbasol type foaming shaving cream. I used a cup of each and had WAY more than I needed for us!
For my daughter we just added some food dye (blue and yellow) and put the mixture in a cake pan to play with in a sensory activity way. We also let her finger paint with it a little.
Otherwise, in years to come I plan on having her using the mixture to fill in the beard on a santa clause picture, or a snowman cutout, it could also be used to create a snowy landscape that kids could add skaters, skiiers, sledders or what not to on a picture.

It dries puffy, makes me thinjk of super cheap memory foam! If you poke it, it springs back (slowly)! Lots of fun, super cheap, and cute to boot!

Heather - posted on 12/06/2010




We use green construction paper to trace their hand prints then cut them out and glue them into a circle (a paper plate with the center cut out is a good backing, but anything works) to make a wreath. This year we did all four kids and put the big hand prints in back and the smallest in front. It was beautiful. Then I cut out a bow from red construction paper and gave it to my mom (I forgot to take a picture first...)

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Eliza and I made an advent calendar yesterday! I uploaded a picture so you can see the final product. On each day I wrote a Christmas activity that we can do together. Activities include things like watching Christmas movies, going to see the lights, making cookies for the neighbors, buying toys for charity, etc.

I stole this idea and modified it so my daughter could participate:

The directions are basically the same. For mine, I made the numbers in PowerPoint then printed 2 numbers to a page on cardstock. I made the numbers in different fonts and colors, then cut them out in different sizes using a paper cutter. I let my daughter put foam stickers on the numbers, then I jazzed each number up with ricrac ribbon, bows and scrapbook paper. We had a blast!

To display, we put magnets on the back of each number, and put them on the refrigerator. Each morning we will look at the date and read the back of the card. Then we'll do that activity on that day.

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