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My husband's birthday is coming up. We can't afford much but I know he would LOVE something homemade from our daughter. Any good craft ideas that a 19-month-old could do (that doesn't require much mommy help, I want it to be from her).


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Jessica - posted on 06/12/2010




For Mother's Day my daughter's daycarer had them do plaster-of-paris hand moulds. Once the mould was set the kids painted and decorated their hand prints. I absolutely loved mine, its something I will always treasure. explains exactly how to do it otherwise you can buy kits from most toy or baby stores. Once finished you can hang them, frame them or glue a magnet on the back and put it on the fridge.

Good Luck.

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I like the ideas where you use her artwork then put her photo on it. Sounds like something I would actually put on my wall...haha! Thanks ladies.

Melissa - posted on 01/04/2010




Or if you can do some fingerpainting and handprints. make sure she's stripped down to her diapers. Take a picture of her making a mess..print it off at Walmart (or wherever but walmart). Stick the picture in the center of her artwork. Buy a frame from the dollarstore. If it's too big you can always put a piece of construction paper behind it to act as a "mat". That's how i do things...oh and i tape the paper to the table while my kids are creating art. Good luck :)

Jodi - posted on 01/03/2010




My sister is single, and since I watch her boys frequently I get them to make her mother's day crafts and birthday things and what not...unfortunately, at 19 months, mommy will have to help with just about any project ideas! But here are a few that I have done with a 2 year old, 15 month old and younger that require only basic supervision. Let her add food coloring to regular elmer's glue, mix it and pour it unto waxed paper in whatever design/blob she likes best...then she can add anything from glitter to sequins to cereal to paper punched circles. Let it dry for SEVERAL hours...days depending on how thick it is and Dad can hang it on the wall. If you take the backing and glass off of a picture frame, spray paint it white or some other light color, let her go after it with poster paints! When she's done, spray paint it with a clear acrylic coat and reassemble. Put in a picture of her and Dad or of you all as a family, or a picture that she has painted or drawn! With my nephew, I also talked to him about things he and his Mom do together a coloring together, making sugar cookies, blowing bubbles etc...and then we gather things like...a crayon, a cheap plastic cookie cutter, bubble wand and other things and I manned the hot glue gun while he showed me where he wanted each item to be glued to the frame, after he painted it...after the acrylic spray. It was SOOOO cute! We have also used the same basic concept of painting and gluing things with a small flower pot, a key catcher, a coffe mug and we have even made place mats with a picture he drew on a cardstock and sticking it between two sheets of clear contact paper. I hope this helps and best of luck!!!

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