learning with Easter eggs!

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We've been dying and hunting eggs like crazy around my house! Here are some fun ways to slip learning into the festivities!

Colors (obviously) Talk about the different colors while dying the eggs and about how some eggs are light and some are dark.

While hiding the eggs, do it in a variety of ways.

1. Hide all eggs up "high" for the kids to find and then hide all the eggs down "low" the next time. My toddler and the girl I watch learned these words today by doing this!

2. Hide only five eggs. As the kids find them, count them. "You found one egg." "Now we have two eggs!" Celebrate when you get to five. You can do more eggs for older kids that can count higher. My toddler cannot count yet, but somehow knew when we got to five!

3. After the eggs have been found, sort the eggs into colors. Then count the eggs of each color.

4. Hide the eggs and then assign each child a color. They are only allowed to collect eggs of that color.

5. Let the kids hide the eggs from each other. They have to use thinking skills to come up with good hiding spots. And they like being the one in control! With young toddlers, you have to keep them from hiding all the eggs in one spot. Plus, doing this gives you a chance to sit back and relax while the kids hide the eggs from each other!

Post any other holiday ideas you have!


Jodi - posted on 03/27/2010




We do an Easter relay race. We fill an easter basket (a pretty big one, there are 5 kids between my sister's and myself) with plastic easter eggs. Each child is assigned a color. For more children you could probably give each of them their own basket if you run out of different colors to use. Anyways, inside each egg is an activity, task or action they have to perform with varying levels of difficulties for different ages.

Some ideas we use are: hop around the tree like a bunny; 5 times for older kids, less times the younger the child, throw the easter egg through the hoop (we tie a hoola hoop to a tree branch, it's pretty easy, but older kids have to stand farther back), sort the jelly beans, great way of teaching smaller kids colors, we give each child a very small basket and several large easter related items such as a stuffed bunny, some plastic eggs, a few carrots etc. They have to get all of the items to a certain location using only the basket in the fewest amount of trips they can, it's great for critical thinking and spacial skills. Smaller children have a shorter target to approach. Balance an egg on a spoon and walk around the house. We also put in "penalty" eggs, anyone caught cheating has to pick a penalty egg that has them sit down for different amounts of time or re-do previous tasks.

For the little little children we do much easier tasks. For children about 18 months or younger we have tasks like find your nose, go get the ball, put the egg in the basket etc. For babies we have fun and put things in eggs like drool a little, shake the rattle, roll over etc. The big kids LOVE helping the babies finish their tasks!

All in all, the kids love it! It's great for large and small motor skills, ciritical thinking, and a friendly competition. You can make the tasks as easy or as hard as you want. You can incorporate any skills such as sorting, counting or reading etc.

Wonderful post Sarah, I love the idea of hiding the eggs all high or all low! I will have to try that with my little girl!

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