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Bath Time Basics!

Bathtime is a GREAT time to learn and have fun at the same time! For mom and baby!

Birth to 5 months

Sing the song "This is the way we wash our hair, wash our hair, wash our hair..." Substitute other body parts for hair. Or why not explore the world of infant massage?

6 monthsto a year

This needs to be closely supervised as ping pong balls are a choking hazard. Put a half dozen or so ping pong balls in the tub with baby. Your LO will love pushing the balls down and watching them "pop" back to the surface! Do any of babies other toys do this? What happens if you put a cup over the ball?


Same as above except find other similar items that that both float and sink! Talk about floating and sinking, above and below the water and the such. Experiment with other toys, household objects and the such.


Introduce the word density, use a very toned down definition. Explore the size of objects versus their floating or sinking ability. Do large objects ALWAYS sink? Do small objects always float? What about heavy objects and light objects? This would be a good activity to do in the kitchen sink, let your child find objects that they want to see if they float or sink.

School aged

Talk more about density, why objects float and sink. What a dry sponge float but a wet sponge will sink? Introduce simple variables such as water absorbancy, or why not try floating (or sinking) the same objects in a bowl of vegetable oil, corn syrup or molasses. What happens to objects that previously sank or floated?

For older children

This would be a great activity to do with an aquarium. Fill it with water and work on estimations. Time objects to see how long it takes them to reach the bottom. How long does it take a floating objects (such as a ping pong ball) to reach the top when someone holds it in the bottom? How long does it take a sponge to absorb enough water to sink? Try adding increments of salt to your water...what happens? If you're brave and willing to cash out on this one, buy enough vegetable oil or corn syrup and repeat the experiments!

The possibilities for this really are endless! Have fun with it and learn with your child! I know I plan on buying some ping pong balls first chance I get so I can play with my daughter!

As always, feel free to leave comments, your personal revisions or message me for fresh ideas for weekly activities! have a great week everyone!


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