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Musical Fingers

Sew plastic or metal buttons, jingle bells, wood or plastic beads to finger tips of toddler size gloves. (or children’s sizes, whatever suits your purpose.) Make sure to sew the heck out of these things as they pose a potential choking hazard, never leave your child unattended while playing with these gloves!

0-5 months

Tap your finger (decked out in the glove) on different things near baby. Tap it on Tupperware, mixing bowls, spoons, whatever! See if baby likes one tone more than another!

6 mo-1 yr

Wear the gloves and tap on things for baby to hear. Make rhythms and sound patterns. For extra fun, sew some buttons on a baby sock and stick it over baby’s hand and let her go wild!!!

1-2 years

Let bub wear the musical finger gloves. Together, go around the house and tap on EVERYTHING, doors, fridge, cupboard, floor, walls, carpet, beds, chairs. How are the sounds different on soft surfaces vs. hard surfaces? What happens when, instead of tapping, you “scratch” your fingers down the surface?

3-4 years

Let the child wear the gloves, choose something in your home that will have many like-sounded objects throughout. i.e. bring out a wooden spoon, have bub tap it, scratch it and whatever else, now have a sound hunt! See how many things around the house make the same sound! Wood doors, floors, cabinets, dressers etc. Now, choose the next object, perhaps a metal bowl? How does it sound different? How many metal objects can you find?

5+ years

Sit down with your child, each wearing a pair of gloves. Make patterns such as…tap, tap, scratch, scratch, scratch. Make them easy enough that your child does not get frustrated, but hard enough to challenge them. Have your child repeat the pattern with their gloves. Make up a song together with your gloves! Play memory, start by making one sound, tap, then your child adds a sound, tap or scratch, you add one now and so on. See who can keep it going the longest without missing a beat!

I have not done this one with my daughter as of yet, my nephew confiscated my set before she was born and I have not had time to make news as of yet! But I will say that my 2 year old nephew LOVES playing with these!!!

Please post a comment on what you did with your child and how you felt it went!!! Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays!!!


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