Saint Louis/Saint Charles Area Campbell Montessori Play Group

My goal in setting up this community is to get together a group of moms and toddler or preschool age kids (1-3, 3-5) for play dates. I moved back to Saint Louis last year and I work from home. Since Parents As Teachers has been cut, it has been really tough to find a good group of moms and kids to socialize with. Here's hoping this group can change that!! ;-) Campbell Montessori School in Saint Charles has offered to host the play dates and their Director (who is AMAZING) has offered to host parent chat sessions, too! She has really been a blessing for our family since my son, Anson, started going there last year. (They had him potty trained within one week of starting there!) Anyway, please join this fun new group and let's get together for fun, friendship, and getting out of the house!