my ex has sent me a letter about going to court for my 3 year old son , but the letter was not signed for it was just put through the post box so do I even have to go ? because he has only seen my son when he was born he hasn't bothered since , knows where I live but no birthday cards or Christmas cards .. hasn't bought him nothing , but can afford to have another little boy with someone else.. when In town and asda he just looks at me or pokes his head round an isle don't even look at my son , he shouted at him in asda car park saying he is his dad and my son run over to me crying, was violent in our realationship that's why I left him , also was in and out of prision , to me my son is better of.. but im just seeing if I have to turn up to court ,,, because he wants to have my son everyweeked... not the week where he has nusery and that , I don't trust him let alone with my son ... just seeing if theirs anything I can do .