My 5 yr old is stealing and lying

Candice - posted on 11/24/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son just started stealing and lying... Stealing nothing of value really (candy, chocolate chips) and lies about it. The other day he tried to get my bf in trouble, saying that it was him that ate the candy... So far, its nothing too too serious, but I want to try and nip it in the bud before it gets worse. I've tried grounding him, taking his 'prized possessions' away... Sitting down and talking with him, rationalizing with him. Nothing seems to work.



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Denikka - posted on 07/28/2011




That's the only thing that I can think of if the other stuff isn't working. If it's from you/your household, assign a value to whatever it is that he stole. Make him work at unpleasant chores to pay you back for it. If he's stealing from a store or other people, use that value and assign it to unpleasant chores. Along with, of course, returning the item (if possible) and apologizing to the owner
Find the things that he hates to do. For my sister, it was the dishes. She would have preferred to scrub toilets rather than wash dishes.
At 5, he has at least a basic understanding that some things are not his. I agree that it should be nipped in the asap. Good luck :)

Amanda - posted on 05/01/2009




stealing from stores?

If he is stealing from stores i would make him take the item back and apologize.

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