Saying No To Abuse

This community is set up to discuss domestic violence and abuse..OH yes it exist and many stick their heads in the sand about it. Persons are encouraged to come and share their stories of pain, depression, frustration and triumph and to chat with those who have gone through abuse letting them know they are not alone. Domestic Violence and abuse is an evil which needs to be eradicated mothers need counselling on the matter and abused is not gender based many believe that women alone get abused or little girls alone get abused the truth is boys and men also get abused. Persons who manage this community have been abused as children, adults, in marriages and have family, friends and co-workers who have gone through or going through abuse so we have firsthand knowledge and experienced the nature and evil of abuse and the feelings and entrapment of the victim, we also know the triumphant feeling of being set free from abusive relationships. Presently this community is set to open as we have just launched however we will set this community to private after persons have joined which means The group will not appear in search results or in the profiles of its members. Membership is by invitation only, and only members can see the group information and content.


Basic needs for any healthy relationship

Many persons believe that they are not abused in a relationship because they have not been beaten or punched, but the sad truth is many are being abused daily and are unaware of...