1st Grader acting up in class - Ideas on help ?

Tabitha - posted on 09/29/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter, a first grader, has recently started acting up in class. Talking too much, getting into a fight over an eraser at the table, etc. This isn't a giant problem, but it's one that I don't understand because we've never had this problem before. We did move in May of this year and this is her first year at her new school. She has new teachers and people she doesn't know all that well, and from the sounds of it she's having some issues getting to know some of the kids in her class. I know that when she's thinking really hard she does talk to herself (a trait she gets from me... unfortunately), but that hardly seems an issue to write home to the parents about.

She also had a run-in with the Assistant teacher. Apparently this teacher moved her to a different table and referred to the table as the "Two year old table, because it's full of babies." Well my daughter, being the quite literate little girl that she is told the teacher that she's NOT a baby that she's a six year old. The few times I've spoken with the teacher she's been a bit snotty and snide, and I'm wondering if that's just her personality or how she is in the classroom all the time? My daughter doesn't really like her at all, but loves the main teacher of the classroom.

So any ideas on what can I do to help her manage her behavior at school to help her stay out of trouble? She's a really good kid. She's very intelligent, very logical, and very literal. My mom actually thinks that she's bored with what's being taught and that's why she's acting out in class, which makes sense.

Help Please! I don't want to see her get in more trouble in class. Any advice or suggestions would be very helpful.



Jennifer - posted on 09/30/2011




Good Morning, when my twin daughter's where in first grade, one of their teachers was a bit harsh compared to teachers that the girls had prior. Brooke-Lynne's teacher was very outspoken and very very loud. She would sit behind her desk and basically scream at the children while she ate donuts. No joke! I went to the principal's office to explain that my daughter was very uncomfortable in this classroom. The principal thought it was a joke because no other parents had ever complained. Needless to say, I attempted to have her classroom switched but where we were living (in Virginia) twins are not permitted to be in the same classroom. Because of this I switched schools and drove my children to the new one. Your daughter could possibly just have a rougher teacher than expected? I would consider changing classrooms and see if that helps. Another idea is that she could be bored. Perhaps the work load is to easy for her and she finishes her work before the other students. Case in point, Brooke-Lynne's twin Allison has a real issue with this. She is a smart cookie but gets bored easily. When she does, Alli thinks it is okay to get up and roam the classroom to talk to other students. I explain all this each year with their new teachers and we have now have "extra credit" work that Allison can do when she has completed her tasks. I wish you the best of luck. As for fighting over an eraser, it was probably your daughter's eraser to begin with and another student took it upon themselves to use hers. I see this a lot in my son's class. However, Allison used to get letters sent home because the arguing would escalate into a punching match. I would talk with the teacher as snotty as she may seem and let her know that under no circumstances are you going to tolerate your daughter being down played at a baby table and to get a grip over the situation. Unfortunately, there are teachers out there that believe this to be a job and do not have the "love to teach" in them. Good luck I hope I helped a little bit.

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