4-year-old daughter refuses to do anything without me (Mom) - Help!

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Hi all,

Hoping for some advice please. I have a 4-yr old daughter and 1-year old son, plus husband working full time, and I have recently started working part-time again.

I have a close relationship with my daughter, and for the past few months, she has refused to let me out of her sight. She refuses to let me leave the house without her, and won't stay with anyone else without me being there (has a huge tantrum if we try to leave her with someone). She has started to be nasty towards her grandparents, whereas before was very kind and loving towards them (as they are towards her). She now even refuses to be alone with her Dad, but loved being with him up until a few months ago (he is lovely to her).

We have tried several things to deal with this situation, but my daughter seems to be getting worse. The only things I think might be influencing her behaviour is that my son (1 year old) is demanding more attention now, and she senses that I'm not around as much (I work from home but can't play with her as much). We have tried being very firm with her, and ignoring her behaviour, both which haven't really worked.

Please please - any advice from people who've experienced the same type of thing?




Amy - posted on 03/31/2012




Sounds like she is mad at you. Try sitting down and talking to her. Remind her that you still love her the same as before but you have more responsibility with the little brother and your work. Set aside some special time each day for one on one with her. Maybe while little one naps? If she knows that you will be devoting some time just for her, maybe it will help.

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