5yr old -day 5 of new school reprimanded

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My son has just started a new school in a town close by, but doesn't know anyone in his class. I was pulled up by the teacher on day five because he hasn't been listening in class and makes silly faces when they have mat time. I was devastated initially until I spoke to several other people who thought this was way over the top and why wasn't she dealing with it in class. Day 10 he was caught swearing in the toilets with grade 1.2.3 who I have no idea why he was in there with, the words he used were Bloody Bitches, I had heard him say this once before when he was a little fella after a daycare visit, but it was a one off and he doesn't swear at home ever.

No 2 incident of the day as the teacher put it is he threw his crusts on the ground at lunch time and was seen and denied it. Ok this is my first and I know the swearing thing is really bad, but already feeling maybe we have sent him to the wrong school or the teacher doesn't like him, not sure but it is doing my head in. She has refereed to him as an older child, he is on the July end of the school year with this new prep thing in Australia, but on the same playing field we feel. I have always had the older child thing as Quinn is over 120cm tall and giants the other little boys but he is a slight frame and not a large boy.

Some advise please, feeling sick over all this at the moment, should I go and speak top the principal, very upsetting. I just want him to be happy and love school. I feel he may just be trying to find his pecking order.


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You definitely need to speak to the principal. Perhaps you could arrange a meeting w/ just the principal to explain what is happening, and then a meeting w/ both principal and teacher there. Explain to the teacher that you know some of the things he does is naughty, but that it is your understanding that it is their job as well as yours to deal with this and teach the right behaviour.

Perhaps you should also sit down with your boy and explain to him that there are certain rules for certain times and places, such as sitting quietly on the mat, and that if does not follow those rules, they will refuse to teach him and he will not get to advance to the next grade, he will have to do this one over and over again. That should make him think twice! lol

As for throwing the crusts, I don't know why this was even mentioned to you, as it should have been dealt with by the teacher, not having him "dobbed on" to Mum! On the other hand, perhaps the teacher is a big believer in keeping the parents up-to-date. Does she tell you about the successes, or just the bad stuff?

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