6 year old is super thin!

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Hi all just after some advice really.... my six year old son is SO thin, can see his ribs and his tendons etc in his legs..... however he is constantly hungry and eating. He rarely gets colds flu etc and is otherwise healthy (apart from prolonged tonsilitis)... I am just concerned that he is under weight, he is only 3 stones and 120cm............is this normal, should i be concerned

Thanks Lisa


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If he's healthy, thriving, and still growing... I'd try not to worry. My son will be 4 next week and is 35 pounds (not sure on height). His cousin will be 5 in May and STILL hasn't broken 30 pounds (and is about an inch shorter than my son)! That boy is so thin that when I put sunscreen on him I was afraid to touch him too hard cuz it felt like his arms would snap like twigs. He's happy and healthy though, so no one is worried about it.

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I agree, first check in with your dr if you are really concerned. Otherwise, you mentioned everything to look for (energy, health, appetite) and he sounds fine. My 8 yr old is only 48 lbs, and I've expressed concern with our dr. and he said he is fine. He shows consistent growth in both weight and height, albeit low and slow. We keep waiting for a growth spurt ;) My son still plays soccer and taekwondo and continues to be at the top of his game and he is doing well in school too (great grades and perfect attendance so far). As mom's it is our duty to worry, but it sounds like you are looking for all the right signs to ensure he's doing ok :)

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My 6 year old daughter is skinny, too. I think it's an age of adjustment. But, I did look at the growth charts from the CDC, and he is only a little underweight for his age. Ideal is about 46 lbs or just a bit over 3 stones(which is about 14 lbs each I believe). He is taller than average, though. Average is 115cm. That's probably why he looks so thin. If you're really worried, give your family doctor a call and just ask if there's anything you need to worry about.

He will probably catch up-he probably had a growth spurt and the rest of him hasn't caught up yet.

You can check out this link, too. http://www.healthy-cooking.info/gain.htm

It has healthy, natural options for gaining weight.

Good luck! If he's healthy and happy, that's the main thing. :)


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Have his thyroid checked maybe its over active...If not he just has a Fast metabolism..which he should enjoy cause I was very thin also..At 18 I weighed 85 pounds...now @ 46 I'm 150.and I'm Not Happy...lol So enjoy..

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Sounds to me like he's growing upwards first and will grow out afterwards :)

I have a skinny kid, too -- she's 9 and a half, 130cm, and weighs

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Hi there! My daughter was born with cancer and had to undergo 2 years of chemo and tests, she was having a hard time eating after and I was concerned about her depletion of nutrients due to treatment,, between the ages of 2 and 5, the pediatric nutritionist at Phoenix Childrens Hospital recommended I give her one Carnation Instant Breakfast drink daily, they said the vitamins and nutrients in it provide the daily nutritional needs for a child that day, anything other is bonus. My daughter is 9 now and perfectly healthy.

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