6 year olds french kissing?!

Jessica - posted on 05/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 year old daughter made a startling confession to me over the weekend that I cannot seem to get over. She told me that her "boyfriend" advised her they would no longer be friends unless she "tongue-kissed" him!!! And she did! I am horrified. Her father and I do not even kiss like that in front of her. There are Disney TV shows she is not allowed to watch due to content too mature for her. I tried to downplay it and not let her know how upset/angry I am. I also made sure there was no inappropriate touching, only holding hands. I explained to her that it was not appropriate for children to kiss like that. I spoke with her teacher and school counselor this morning, but I am still very disturbed. Did I do the right thing?? Is there anything else I should do? Am I overreacting? I am expecting our second child in September, another girl, and am scared to death of raising girls in this world! Any advice greatly appreciated. :)


Amy - posted on 05/20/2013




Honestly I would tell her that hand holding is not ok either. With the crazy stories you hear about schools I would tell her that she should keep her hands to herself. I'm constantly telling my 7 year old that he should not be touching anyone and no one should be touching him. He has told me stories about girls trying to kiss him but never with tounge. I would be on the phone so fast with the school if that was the case.

I would start having conversations with your daughter about peer pressure and doing things that you shouldn't. Not only does it apply to this but it will be useful in general when it comes to other stuff down the road.

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