6 yr old daughter - how to deal with a

Ashley - posted on 08/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a six year old daughter, who is such a lil character! I have her going to an at home daycare and the sitters daughter is a certified "mean girl". The girl is a complete diva. My daughter is a very gorgeous girl, but I've always made it a point to stress her intelligence and her kindness as I feel that's far more important. Now this mean girl is always putting her down, saying she's ugly and stupid. My girl can stand up to a bully who is physically intimidating but the constant insults have seemingly taken a toll on her. As much as I want to take her out of this daycare, I'm torn. This is her first experience with a mean girl but it won't be her last. I'd love to knock this other kid to the ground! But that won't help either. The actual sitter is great and she does time outs for her kid when she's snotty but she has taught her daughter to judge others on a monetary value and superficial characteristics. How the heck do I teach my girl to deal with this lil brat?! So far I've tried building her self esteem and telling her to tell this other kid "you are a bully, what you say doesn't matter" any advice would be great


Crystal - posted on 08/24/2012




I tell my children" when someone is mean to you guys just smile and fill them with kindness." Maybe they are having a bad day and need someone to make them smile. My daughter had a bully, gave her this info and they were best buds by the time school was out. Hope this helps.

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