7 year old afraid of new house

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We recently moved(3 months ago) to a new house and my 7 year old daughter will not go to her bedroom, the bathroom or our bedroom by herself. She is so scared. Everything I've tried doesn't work. Any ideas?


Tanya Allissa Anne - posted on 09/09/2009




Hi Bridgette my 7 year old was the same way when we moved but after 6 months of us take her to her room and the bathroom she is fine you just need to give her time. Don't yell at her it will make it worse just give her time ask her why she is scared just let her know you are there for her i still remember when i was scared of my room my dad would tell me it was just the silly monster to come a tickle me lol.. i think she just needs time like i said. I hope everything turns out ok very soon for you

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