7yo girl that forgets to wipe

Amanda - posted on 12/01/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




my 7yo daughter seems to always forget to wipe when she pees and if she does wipe she isnt doing a good job her pantys are getting stained and her room is starting to smell like urine i cant seem to get her to understand the importants of wiping even when she complains that her privates hurt does any1 have any ideas on how to get her to wipe better or even at all


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Amanda - posted on 12/02/2009




i have tried to explain infections and whatnot because she has had a few bladder infections and uti's i would love to follow her to the bathroom but she has an absession with locking the door since there is 3 boys in the house that dont know how to knock thanks for all the replys hopefully we all get more advice

Rebecca - posted on 12/02/2009




I had this problem with my daughter and it actually got so bad she had and adhesion closing up her area down there. I ended up taking her to the doctor and she had to have it slit open. Worst experience of my life. But after that little episode she's been great about it. All I had to do was remind her about the doctor. So I guess the point I'm getting at is explain to them that it can become a big problem that only a doctor can fix if they aren't careful, if that doesn't work maybe take them to the pediatrician and have them explain how the privates can become infected and what the consequences are. I know that it sounds kind of harsh but I never want to see or her about another little girl going through what mine did. For the ones that do end up getting red or irritated down there try a sitz bath 2x a day for a couple days it'll help sooth the area for them.

Jessica - posted on 12/02/2009




I had the same problem with my boy not wiping good after he poops. I did the same as Lisa, just followed him in and made sure it was wiped good. If I didnt have time or he was at school and I discovered that it wasnt(he would get a rash or have dirty undwear) I would take a way his video game time. This was a big problem. I noticed that he wasnt wiping because he wanted to hurry up and get back to what he was doing. Wiping was wasting his time to have fun. So.......we started taking the game time away and this really helped. He loves to game time so not being able to play was the end of the world to him. So find something they love..........He is doing great now. Hope this helps : )

Lisa - posted on 12/02/2009




We have the same problem with our almost 8 year old. It is frustrating. But I just keep reminding her and she seems to be getting better. I was even following her to the bathroom for a while to make sure she did it everytime.

Michelle - posted on 12/02/2009




Im glad, yet not glad that I am the only one having this problem! My daughter will b 7 in January and she does the same thing! She knows it hurts and gets itchy and burns when u wash it in the tub if u dont wipe good enough but still she forgets or doesnt do it right! My daughter wipes when she poops but she doesnt do that good enough sometimes either! I have showed her so many times and it gets to the piont where u dont want to b bent over ur 7 year old and showing them how to wipe, it gets kind of awkward after awhile! I have even tried telling her that if the kids at school thinks she smells that they might say something and although that would b mean of them she needs to wipe better so she doesnt smell!(she doesnt smell all the time but u get the point) I dred the day she comes home crying when this happens! I understand what u r going through and would like to hear what others r going through it and what they have to say about how to help our daughters!

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