7yr old suspended for *pop tart gun*

Denikka - posted on 03/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )







So it appears that there is some discrepancies between the stories, mainly regarding whether he actually *brandished* the *weapon* and whether he actually said "bang bang" or not.

But. . . .really?? A pop tart *gun* gets a 7yr old suspended for 2 days? That's just as crazy as the 6yr old kid who was suspended for using his finger in a gun shape and saying bang bang.

I think this is ridiculous. What ever happened to playing cops and robbers, cowboys and indians? Kids used to use sticks, water guns, nerf guns, their fingers, whatever. *Gun play* has been around forever. My grandmother (80+) remembers playing cowboys and indians using sticks as guns. 99.999999% of those kids are never going to grow up to actually shoot someone, and the few incidents where a younger kid does shoot another, it's the parent at fault, not the child.
I think the system has just gone crazy. They're overprotective and hyper vigilant to the point of ridiculousness. I think they're WAY too focused on all the wrong things in school nowadays.

What do you guys think? Is this justified or just going way overboard in being hypersensitive after some of the tragic school shootings the world has experienced?


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LOL...Denikka...you know what I'm going to say here...

Completely, stupidly overboard, as usual. Between the teachers in the US being forced to "teach the test" because of the NCLB law, and the ridiculousness of the overzealous "protectors" that say we can't even use our imaginations any more because that *gasp* could lead to a mass shooting in 30 years...

I'm so glad that I grew up when kids were allowed to be kids, to play with a healthy imagination, and shoot as many "injuns" and bad guys as we could with our finger guns and stick guns. I'm glad that I grew up drinking from the garden hose, and doing all of those other "dangerous" things! And I'm also glad that my kids made it out of the elementary system before it got really bad...

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