7yrs old excluded twice in 3wks wot 2do??

Leanne - posted on 05/27/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello all mummies, I hav lost da will 2 live wen it comes 2my daughter's infant school bear in mind she started in yr 1 afta we reloctaed fr Preston (she was born there 2003, we moved 2Rushden July 08) she has settling in difficulties bcoz she wanted 2b bak where life was happy (4her!) in Preston & though moving closer 2family wood b beta 4her Xtended family support & all dat rubbish!!
I didnt cope very well being so close 2family I bearly had much2do wit during my 7yrs in Preston but hey ho- we moved.
My daughter starts Yr2 Sept. 09 she was ok wit transition no complaints den afta Xmas hols bhaviour went down hill challenging wasnt da word she was having full blown tantums, hitting staff & heaven help any class m8s who got on her nerve; Feb half-term she settled down- BACIN got involved she had a behavioural book earned sticker and received treats afta 20 earned stickers in a wk.
We got signed off fr BACIN March 2010; daughter doing fine responded well wit book/ stickers but den Easter hols she apparently has reverted bak2challenging bhavioural issues.
My daughter is a prefect 7yrs ol @home- we hava understanding wots xpected and the consequences if bad bhaviour is displays. She attends Thai boxing every Tues, Weds& Fridays Xtra maths&english and Yoga bugs every Thurs.
I do my part as a parent.
I've spoken to doc, CAMS (child mental health teams) there is noting mentally wrong wit my child so wot den......

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