9 year old has very bad behavior

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My boy started lying a few years ago then progressed into stealing and now he talks to me in an awful way he gives me dirty looks .I have tried every thing positive rewards taking things away exluded from an activity grounding Ive tried talking to him to see whats wrong , He will do things and then say he didnt not even two seconds later or he will say mean things then refuse to see it .He is the same way to his 16 year old sister He has the victim mentallity he never sees what hes doing Its always Im being mean and what did I do then I tell him he says nooooo I didnt Im thinking of getting my camcorder out and taping his behavoir so I can play it back to him .the stealing is books from school erasers pencils just things he already has . He gets an allowance for cleaning the cat box so he has money . Not to mention all the toys he needs. His father is not with us we left him 5 years ago becuase he started using drugs he doesnt have much to do with the kids really.My son used to say Im bad becuase I miss my dad so we talked about it alot we pray for him I my boy knows why we cant be around him . Does any one have any tips


Brittany - posted on 09/23/2011





I am not trying to sound harsh but, have you considered therapy for your son? Possibly finding a child's anger management class? I would try contacting you local county mental health department and tell them what is going on. I am not sure of your money situation but, most mental health facilities work off of a sliding scale.

He may just be angry and upset because, he does not understand why you left your husband.

I would try calling Mental Health. No this will not put your child in any system and it does not involve any child protective services.

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