a princess tea party

Laura - posted on 01/03/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




my little girl is turning 7 she wants a princess tea party i have no idea where to start ill take any ideas to make her 7th brithday everything she wants it to be


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Ellen - posted on 01/05/2010




familyfun.com usually has tons of great themed birthday party ideas. They have games and craft activities and themed birthday cake directions. I get lots of my kids party ideas from there. All the other ideas posted sound great! I'm sure your daughter will love it!

Amber - posted on 01/04/2010




Oh, I did one of these for my daughter once and it was so much fun! It wasn't a birthday party, but I am sure you could make small changes to make it more birthday oriented. Here's what I did...

First, you have to get a tea set. You can go with the plastic ones or get her a real china set. You can find these at any toy store and they shouldn't be too expensive.

For decorations, I brought out my good table cloth and made some pretty flower arrangements for the table. Nothing horribly expensive, just pretty so the girls feel special.

Next, you need to make or buy small snacks and finger foods. Here are some links to the recipes I made...


And then I served some sliced veggies and fruit with dip. And we had store bought petite fores fore dessert, which the girls thought were the bees knees. You could do that too and just stick a candle into one of them. Or do mini cupcakes.

Instead of tea, we used koolaid, but whatever your daughter likes should work well too.

Oh, and make sure you say on the invitations that the girls should dress. :) The other moms will think it's adorable!

After the food we just played around, watched a movie and let the girls do their thing. It was a lot of fun! :)

Hdlb123 - posted on 01/04/2010




My daughter went to a princess tea party last year and it was pretty neat. It was all done by her friends dad (which I think is so cool, how many dad would do that?) but they painted glass mugs (really nice fancy ones) which became their "tea cups" and he made finger foods to snack on. I dont know what they played for games, I think they just ran around. The good bags had rings and hair accersories so they could pretty themselves up.

Charity - posted on 01/03/2010




First off, congratulations...this is going to be something she remembers for the rest of her life! How fun!!

My favorite place is called the Party Place, if you don't have one Wal-Mart or any other dept store would probably have the stuff also.

1. paper princess crowns and or tieras

2. pink(hot pink would be the best for that age, or if she doesn't like pink go with her favorite color) paper cups, napkins, plates, forks and spoons(if this is going to be 10 or less you can find plastic tea cups and plates in the toy area at Wal-Mart)

3.balloons and streamers (pink streamers twisted with white and pearl and pink balloons would be nice)

4.bags of necklesses and rings ( for the girls to wear at the party), and we can't forget the wands

5.a cake that has a princess or crown/ tiera

6.goody bags(mainly something to put their rings and things in to take home) you could put some candy necklesses in the bags also.(or other types of candy that your daughter likes

Last of all have fun, enjoy the time with your daughter and her friends! I hope this gives you a few ideas.

Tosha - posted on 01/03/2010




google children's parties with your zip code and you should get several results to check out. Some will set up the party at your house and handle everythin including clean up or u may have a themed party place that offers a tea party package... hope this helps

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