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i have a 7 yr old daughter that goes to her fathers every other weekend, when she goes down there her additude is ok but when she comes home i have a real har time with her she has an additude and she is completely off the wall like shes not even the child i sent down there. i have talked to her father about it and he said he would help me out with it but it doesnt seem like he is what else can i do


Valerie - posted on 12/21/2009




Samantha, My mother has the same problem with attitude while raising my nephew. When he goes to see his dad (and now my sister, his mom) he comes home and acts up for a few days. We started by having him talk to the school counselor (because he was acting out at school too), This seemed to help. Talking to the father may help a little, but the problem is inside your daughter. She is dealing with the living situation of her parents. You need to find a way to find out exactally what is going on inside her mind and then deal with it accordingly. It will take a while, but talking with a school counselor may help with that. This worked well for my nephew. He still has problems at home sometimes, but he is doing very well in school now. If you need any advice you can send a message to me through facebook. Good luck and happy holidays.

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