Advice for a 4 year old soon to be five.

Sharman - posted on 03/14/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i wanted to get some advice on my son. he is turn 5 in a few weeks n i have tried once before with enrolling him in pre kindergarten n he couldnt get along with the teacher. she was calling me everyday to pick up my son. we sit down n had a meeting n i told her i cant keep picking my son up everyday, i have to work. i told her that if the situation doesnt resolve i will be taking him out. 2 weeks later i took him out. so now am debating enroll him in the fall or wait till he is 6. can i please get some advice on this.



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Michelle - posted on 03/22/2010




If you put one rambunctious child with another you are guaranteed to have a free for all they are 4 year olds the teacher obviously was has not had much experience working with this age as the first thing to do is to separate the children put them at different tables with other kids who are calmer I am sure he would be fine try another time with a new teacher good luck to you

Michelle - posted on 03/16/2010




I'm kind of confused, is pre kindergarten the same as preschool? If it is, are there other preschool's around? I'm also assuming when he goes to kindergarten it will be with a different teacher. He might have matured enough by the Fall '10 that he is ready for kindergarten or you might want to look at private kindergarten. There is also nothing wrong with taking kindergarten twice. I know many boys who have done that for various reasons. Some parents first enroll their child in private kindergarten and then the following year they have them in public kindergarten. And some other parents have their child attend public kindergarten twice. One thing you might try is have your child meet with their kindergarten teacher during open house, show them the room, and throughout the summer take them to the school to play at. That might help them to be more comfortable. It's hard to give advice without knowing the particulars. Hope this helps.

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I'd enroll him. He's young, he's a boy, he's rambunctious. Also, at age 4 some kids are just not yet social-emotionally ready for an organized group setting. That's normal and a teacher should realize that. I would enroll him in the fall. If you have problems with the teacher, you can always ask to switch and if it turns out that he's still not ready then he can do it when he's six, that's okay, too. But I wouldn't hold him back "just in case" of that. A lot of time between then and now, and children change soooo much so in a year. Good luck! :)

Sharman - posted on 03/15/2010




i know at times my son is full of energy any kid is. but the teacher that he had, i really didnt care much for. and she would sit my son at a table with two other students that we acting up in the classroom too. so i figure that he fed off of that.

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Yes the best thing for a small child is to be involved in school with kids his own age.You will have to just trust that the teachers are actually qualified for the job and that he will be alright in the learning area.

Keisha - posted on 03/15/2010




Yes, some teachers are less tolerant than others. I would speak with the principal and see If I could try to get him into another class or something.

Rebecca - posted on 03/15/2010




what exactly is he doing to make the teacher call you? are they things that really are problematic classroom behaviour or are they things you would expect a teacher to have the experience to handle?

it's hard to give advice without enough information. but it is worth trying him with a different teacher.

Sharman - posted on 03/14/2010




he attended a daycare that has a head start program there that he is in and he doesnt have any problems with the kids or teachers there. i just want him to get the experience and not get left behind, he is very bright and smart. so i just dont know.

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I'm just curious, does your son go to daycare, or was pre kindergarten his first away-from-mom experience? Maybe he's just nervous and doesn't know how to deal with school yet? My oldest is just getting ready to start kindergarten in the fall, so I'm not a great one to give advice yet, but it sounds like maybe he needs to wait a bit longer. I wonder if talking to the counselor at the school he will be attending would help.

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