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My 6 year old has been just crazy, obnoxious these days. She practically yells when she talks to us and we are constantly telling her to settle down. I know this is the tail end of halloween season, and the candy rush, but that should have worn off by now. We are pretty good at having healthy meals, but I know I could do better. Mostly I am looking for some advice on quick, easy healthy snacks. I am also looking for any suggestions mom's may have for foods or drinks that will lessen all the "obnoxious" energy she has. Please note: I understand that she is just 6 and full of energy, and we do keep her as active as possible.

Also, if any mom's have any suggestions on good quiet time activities that she can do that are not watching tv or movies, I would love to hear your suggestions! Thanks for your help. (Please no suggestions for adhd testing.)


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Crystal - posted on 11/17/2010




Dont worry about add or adhd I dont believe in either of those. just try and stay away from anything with red dye in it red dye has been known to cause hyperactivity in young children, also smoothies with frozen or frsh fruits, orange juice and frozen yogurt is a great healthy all natural snack that will give them the energy they need without over loading them, make sure that she is getting enough sleep because being over tired could also attribute to this behavior. try and keep the tv or any electronic games off for 1-2 hours before bed time this helps the brain relax from over stimulization to help with a better nights rest. reading books as a family or even a board or card game can me a good quiet time activity. I am a mother of 3 soon to be 4 boys so I understand how crazy kids can get at times I hope that this can be helpful to you, good luck with your little girl. :)

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You aren't wearing her out. lol Set a time each day to run laps in the yard or around the house. You could also have her do a simple workout routine with you or even by herself. There are plenty of videos out there that can help in this area. When it is not time for this behavior just remind her she will get her time to be wild and play goofy at such and such time. Until then she needs to play quietly with her blocks, barbies, dolls, house, arts, whatever.

good luck and god bless

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I guess my advice is mostly common sense (that you probably already know). No sugary drinks - that means no sodas and no juice. We only do milk and water in our house, and my children don't seem to mind. As for snacks, I've found a great recipe on for tofu pudding. I know, it sounds gross, but it's low in sugar and has a lot of protein. My 7-y.o. LOVES it! And she has no idea that it's pretty healthy! ;)

In fact, weelicious has a lot of healthy recipes for kids:

Try this for a activity... This book is great. It's such an inspiration for children. It's all about building fairy houses, which is something your child can do in your backyard. There are a few books in this series, but the first one is enough to get her started (and this is the age when they love fantasy)....

Angie - posted on 11/13/2010




Find snacks that don't have artificial flavors and dyes. My son is 17 and has issues with orange dye. Now that he's old enough to go buy his own snacks after school - I can tell when he's had Doritos, etc. because he's the pits. My kids like apples or celery with peanut butter or string cheese. It's good to combine a starch with a protien..... A quiet activity? Find a really good book and read it together.

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