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Lisa - posted on 01/30/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need some advise how to help my first grader do better in school? He is having problems with spelling. He can spell the words most of the time, but he doesn't take his time writing them and they look like chicken scratch and the teacher counts them wrong. He has gotten 2 f's in the past month! We try working every night (sometimes its not every night) with him on spelling them and writing them but he doesn't have the patience to sit down and try. I'm getting really frustrated with the whole thing! I feel like I should have never became a mom! He crys when I make him sit down and work on his words and doesn't really try because he doesn't want to do it. Does anyone have any ideas to help us out?


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how long are you having him sit down at night?? a few minutes , an hour? how long? for his spelling words, his homework each week is to write them two times and then they have a sentence that goes along with it that they also have to write. i read him the words and he writes them/ spells them outloud to me first if he isnt sure. then i check it and make sure he is writing his letters and not mixing stuff up. i know it isnt easy to not get upset, but if your child sees that you are upset with their school work, then they are going to get frustrated and not want to do it at all. i also make a game with my son, to see how fast he can spell them outloud - we do this on the way to school, before bed etc. if his teacher is marking them wrong simply because he has bad handwriting, well, i think that is wrong... its not a handwriting test- it is a spelling test. but they do make tablets with raised letters in them to help practice making each letter. maybe buy that with some stickers or something to help motivate him... just make sure you use lots of praise- even if the letter isnt perfect, if it is better than the last one, praise him!

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OH I have been there! our six year old hated doing any reading or writing until we brought him an old desk of his own , we brought him all his own pencils, rubbers, glue ect. Now he gets home from school and does his homework with out any complaints and when he is done he does his own art work and stuff on there, we have to DRAG him off it to eat his tea , he loves it

Debi - posted on 01/30/2010




If he can spell them out then he may just need to work on is penmanship get a wipe off board that has lines on it and have him practice writing words. We did it in the car a lot as I drove I would say spell car, stop, red things like that. Make it fun for him not a chore when he starts writing better then work on making sure they are spelled right....

You are not a bad mom at all please don't think that but he knows when you are stressed so it in turns upsets him.. My daughter also likes to write her words on flash cards and we play that it is something different than just plain paper. Good luck and God bless

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