Am I over doing a b-day party? sorry for the long post

Susan - posted on 07/16/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is turning 5 next month, and she wants a Kai lan party. besides giving the both of my kids a first b-day party, I haven't really done an out of the family party. (both kids on the spectrum with my son being severe and he can not handle crowds) The party is going have to be around 5pm so that is dinner time. I was thinking about putting a Chinese buffet type meal, with chicken fried rice, beef stir fry, sweet and sour chicken, diced potatoes, mushrooms, noodles, sticky rice, spring rolls and pizza rolls for the people who don't like Asian food. On the dessert table besides cupcakes and ice cream (thinking about cutting the ice cream out in designs with cookie cutters) fried biscuits, banana/strawberry skewers, grape/orange skewers, dessert sushi made out of rice krispies, watermelon cut out in flower design with cookie cutter, and jello orange slices. also a veggie tray
I would have to make everything but the spring rolls and pizza rolls my self....

for the party itself we already have a bounce a round that we own, a craft table and a pinata....

and i am planning making most if not all of the decorations....

Now, can this be done? I look online and see all these party ideas but they put the food is usually not as elaborate but it is around dinner time.....Oh I am a stay at home mom so that should help right?


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Jurnee - posted on 07/16/2012




It doenst seem like too much to me. I have a very large extended family aand friends so most parties usually require a lot of food. and most of the food seems like stuff kids would eat too. if youre worried about that, maybe get some chicken nuggets or pizza? when i am ding a large party i usually cook whatever i can ahead and frreeze the trays, then deffrost in fridge the day before, heat and keep warm on sterno racks. the larges party ive done was about 60! I would always rather have extra food and send some home with people, than not have enough.

Susan - posted on 07/16/2012




my main concern that if everyone shows up on the quest list, they will be around 10 kids but possibility 30 adults...

Louise - posted on 07/16/2012




I think you are putting on far to much food. Most five year olds are happy with a cheese sandwich and lots of varieties of crisps and naughty food at a party. Most of all jelly and ice cream is expected at a little ones birthday bash. If there is a lot going on around food time not many of them will eat and you will be left with food coming out of your ears! Simplify your menu to include food that all the children will know. Most kids will shy away from foreign food to them. Your ideas for fruit skewers is great and it will look fab too!

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