Am I worrying too much about my child's education and teacher?

Rachel - posted on 09/16/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




Ok my daughter is in the 1st grade this year and i am worried that we will have another horrible year. My daughters kindergarten teacher was the most horrbile teacher i have ever met in my entire life. So now i am worried that this teacher will be the same. Should i set up a parent teacher meeting and get to know her and explain the situation? my daughter did not want to go to school because of how horrible this teacher was. i even talked to the principal on a daily bases thanks to this woman. Her new teacher seems nice and stuff but i still have my doubts. anyone go threw the same?? and advice?


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Jessica - posted on 12/30/2012




I always talk to the teachers at the school. my child has an issue with one substitute teacher being very rude to her, i did talk to the principal and asked her to keep an eye on the teacher, which im sure has not likely been happening, so i just keep an eye on things myself, i will usully talk to the teachers after school to see how my daughter has been doing and i even do a surprise drop in to check on things in the classroom, i dont go into the classroom i just peek through the window and stand by the door. i am not the only parent to do this a friend of mine has done this also, because her daughter was also having problems with a teacher and she was surprised at how she heard the teacher talking to the children. Of course teachers will deny being rude to children. I would give the teacher a chance, but if you still worry like i do just keep an eye on things by talking to the teacher at least once week about your child's progress in class, keeping a good parent teacher relationship is one way that i keep track of my children's progress in school and it helps identify any problems that may be occuring. hope this advice helps.

Jodi - posted on 12/30/2012




Absolutely go in and talk with the teacher!! Explain what happened whens he was in kindergarten and how it effected your daughter. It is so important to be on the same page and chances are once the teacher understands the situation that she will do her part to ease any fears and work with you. Generally speaking I think most teachers are good hearted people who love kids and do not wish to make things difficult. Just sit down and have a good heart to heart, friendly chat with the teacher. I bet she wills surprise you!

Amy - posted on 12/27/2012




You may want a meeting with this new teacher but don't put on them what the previous teacher did. We have an awful teacher at my daughters school who bullied my daughter for almost two years. I removed her and home-schooled her because of this and the fact that the Principal and and board would not do anything other than try to blame my strait A student. She is now back in school under the most amazing teacher we have ever known. You cannot let this awful past ruin the future relationship that could occur for your child with a new teacher by muddling it with the facts of the past.

Rachel - posted on 12/24/2012




Your daughter is probably scared to go to school because you're so scared. For god's sakes, at least give the new teacher a chance.

Jennifer - posted on 10/05/2012




Wow I am having the exact opposite situation my sons Kindergarten teacher was wonderful! Our teacher this year however clearly does not like my child! Thankfully the aide in his classroom is also a special education teacher and since he has ADHD and a few developmental delays she is with him most of the time so it has not been as hard for him to deal with a teacher who makes it clear that she doesn't care for him. I do agree that you should have a meeting with the teacher and tell her your concerns and please don't judge her based on the teacher from last year.

Angie - posted on 09/17/2010




I think it's good for you to meet and explain to the teacher why your daughter might be uncomfortable in school. Remember that the teachers may be friends so make sure not to attack the other teacher. I think the best thing you can do to help you daughter's education is to volunteer in the classroom. I do it as often as I can because it lets me see how my children interact with their peers and with their teacher. BUT it also lets the teacher know that I am serious about my children's education and they seem to work better with my child than they would if I didn't volunteer.

Lisa - posted on 09/16/2010




YES talk with the teacher tell her what happened that made last year so bad. Talk to the teacher about your expectations and what you are worried will happen. Make sure you point out what strengths and weaknesses that your daughter has. Any teacher worth their salt would be willing to talk with you about their school year. It's funny because we are having issues this year when we haven't before. I am emailing her weekly after her behavior surrounding my son's absence around his great grampa's funeral.

Jennifer - posted on 09/16/2010




I would sit down with her current teacher and tell her your fears and a few details of what happened last year but try very hard to NOT talk badly about the other teacher or make direct negative character statements. Because if she is at the same school these teachers could be friends and then this new teacher would possibly get a negative view of you. Tell her your concerns and create an open relationship with her. Make sure she understands you are NOT expecting her to fail your daughter but wanted her to know how hard the prior year was and that this has created a lot of apprehension with you.
Basically if you're nervous of what this teacher will do and how things will go this year make it a priority to create a relationship with this teacher and be honest without a lot of finger pointing or blaming (like I said..... if they are friends this would really hurt you) but so she understands where you are coming from and that you hope for a much better experience. Let her know that if there is anything YOU can do as the mom to please let you know. Make an attempt to work with this new teacher.
I had a situation when i moved to a new town with my son in the new school. It was a small town and if you weren't born and raised there... you were an outsider. He was bullied a LOT and has always been oversensitive and not wanting to get other kids in trouble for fear of hurting their feelings. It got so bad I pulled the principal out of the science class she was teaching to talk to her for the millionth time (It seemed). If I would have had the option to move him to a different school I would have, but that was more of an issue of teachers not properly watching the kids and a change in environment from FtWorth, Texas to a school where all grades were in one building and they had a graduating class of 20-35! My consistency with the principal and talking to my son about each day eventually helped. I taught my son different ways to cope and the principal did finally understand that I was NOT going to accept that type of behavior happening and being ignored. it did change my son's personality in MANY ways though.... so if it was a teacher issue last year, try to confront the issues you had with this new teacher before problems happen. You are NOT powerless as Zita said! But there are certain things you can do with your daughter to help her too. I'm not sure what your issues were so it's hard to say but being open, honest and developing a relationship with the teacher would be the best idea in my opinion.
best of luck! keep us posted!

Zita - posted on 09/16/2010




Just curious about a few things, had you tried talking with the Kindergarten teacher directly about whatever the issue was? I know in our schools here that is the first step we have to take. If that does not resolve it then a meeting with the Principal, teacher and parents takes place. As a final step you can ask for your child to be put in with a different teacher.
I would be concerned that the Principal did not resolve the situation with your daughter to the point of you needed to speak with them each day. If the issue(s) were that serious why were they not dealt with or when you did not get any satisfaction, why did you not look at another school?
I know for me I would have taken my child from the school and found another one, no matter how inconvenient that might have been for me.
Glad the new teacher seems nice. The important think is that your daughter is coming home happy and is happy to go to school each day and is learning what she needs to learn. Absolutely I understand your concern for this year, as it does not appear you can depend on the Principal for help. (As an aside I would talk with the School Superintendent or whoever the Principal is accountable to over what happend last year and your dissatisfaction as to how it was handled. It is probably too late for last year now, but is something similar happens this year, do it!!)
Anyhow, contact your childs teacher and arrange a meeting with them. It could be done via phone or after school whatever works for you both. Tell them you had some real issues last year to the point of your daughter did not want to go to school. Ask them to contact you if there are any issues or concerns with your daughter in school.
However, if you are not seeing any issues with your daughter, you can probably take a big sigh of relief , and your nightmare start is over.
Wishing you the best. You are not powerless in this situation when it happens there are things you can do to fix it. This is your daughter, you have every right to be involved in her education and making sure school is a good experience for her - and for you!

Candy - posted on 09/16/2010




My daughter 1st kindergarten teacher was bad too. The assentant teacher had them holding down a kid because he was bad. Mine went through not wanting to go. She has been fine this year she is in 1 st grade too. I would go talk to the teacher if you have your doubts.I would also see about vol. with her teacher. That way you can see for yourself what is going on.

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