Any advice for a child with a cast on?

Karin - posted on 09/22/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone,

My daughter just fractured her arm this week, and is now sporting a cool purple cast for 3 weeks. She was a total trooper throughout the whole incident, but she was discouraged yesterday about getting it wet, not being able to care for herself in the manner she is used to, and of course the itching.

Do you have any advice for a Mom who has never had to deal with a cast before? She is carrying a spoon around to relieve any itching, but I don't have much to tell her, beyond it will be off in 3 weeks. I have also brought a Sharpie to school for kids to sign it, and she LOVED that. :D



America3437 - posted on 09/22/2011




My daughter had major bone surgery 6 weeks ago(they cut wedge out of each femur bone and applied metal plate to straighten legs) and has been casted from hip to ankel since(and she broke her left leg last year). She has her bed in the living room,her bed side commode beside it and hasn't had a proper bath in 6 weeks. She is bored as she isn't in school due to the fact she can't stand up.and is very aggrivated at the fact she is basically helpless. You can give your daughter Benedryl for the itching but never stick something in cast to scrtach. It gets moist in there due to sweat and moisture causes the skin to soften and even a spoon can scratch her and the scratch could become infected and lead to a whole other set of problems. Just tell her what my daughter is going through and she'll see 3 weeks in an arm cast isn't so I need to add that i am not an expert on casts or broken bones just experienced a bit.

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