Any advice on a 8 yearold boy being called "Fatboy" by the custodian?

Suzanne - posted on 03/09/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has struggled with his weight every day of his life, the kids bully him and call him fat every day! He is socially accepted as he is the sweetest kid you'll ever meet and he gets terrific grades! But there are those kids who are insecure and feel the need to point out his 1 fault, his weight.. I find it appalling that the custodian at the school thinks he knows our family well enough(he is the youngest of 3 that have all attended this school from k-6) to say to him," Hey whats's up fat boy?" not just once, but 3 days in a row in the cafeteria in front of my son's peers! I took it to the principal, and she poo-pooed the entire subject, stating "I will speak with him (the custodian) and he will most likely do everything he can to totally avoid your children." I said, "good! if that is the way he treats the children here, maybe he should avoid all of them" needless to say I am not satisfied with the response from the principal.

Any suggestions?


Karelyn - posted on 03/10/2012




Oh my God! I cannot believe that man did something like that! The principal is just as wrong! They are both idiots and I would be looking for another school! That really burns me up! But reassure your baby that he is smart, handsome and a loving individual and not to care about what other people think of him! You didnt mention how old he is but, if hes old enough ask him if the weight is something he wants to change, not for his classmates or for anybody else but for himself. You all could walk track together or ride bikes as a family!

Deidre - posted on 03/09/2012




OMG, I am sooo sorry. That is HORRIBLE!! I am totally floored. I would have done exactly the same thing. Go to the principle. I haven't a clue what would be the next step. Have you guys confronted him yourself? Yes, now that I'm saying it out loud, that is exactly what I would do next. If it were my sweet boy and an adult said that to him, I would most definitely walk right up to him and put him in his place. Honestly, with all the adrenalin rushing I probably wouldn't even care if I cursed at him. I might even raise my voice. I am usually working on "Keeping it together", you know learning to manage my emotions? But this one really took the cake for me. There is a show on TV called "What would you do?" and our family has recently started watching it. There are so many different scenarios staged by actors in hopes of getting passers by to "Get involved". This would be that type of scene. I was shocked and dumbfounded and felt speechless. But once I put my mind to it and put myself into that situation, I CAN NOT let him get away with that!! If it helps bring a nice big strong man with you for back up. He can be just for show while you rip into him verbally.

How old is your boy? It could be an opportunity to bring him home for his own safety. Not forever , but just for now. I, myself am putting my son into an Online Public School Program.

+He is also going through a rough patch. So We're gonna do our best at this in the fall.

Oh, man I just had another idea... You can contact your local newspaper or TV station and report this abuse. It is an opportunity to right this wrong. He needs to be SERIOUSLY reprimanded and she doesn't seem like she will do that. He needs to apologize to you and your son verbally as well as in writing. OOO, this really got me riled up!! Go get 'em, girl!! :)


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