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I have a 5 year old boy and well we went and seen a guy that told us he has a form of ADHD and i didn't want to jump and put him on medication well the last 2 weeks has gotten worse. He doesn't sleep he's hyper morning noon and nite. Some how he has gotten in the sleeping paddern where he sleeps all day and up at nite no matter what time i put him too bed. We stopped doing naps getting him ready for school but i'm so worried that if he starts school we are going to be at school more then work.. We went and seen a counclier last week and the only advice she could give me and my husband is to invest in energy drinks and vitamins. What a joke. I told my husband that maybe we should go ahead and do the lowest dose of medican. I'm so confused. I also have a 8 month old and he's also affected by his bothers lack of sleep. Does anyone have any kind of suggestions anyone please we see the doctor in may that's still 3 weeks away. We have even tryed benadryl and that doesn't do anything my mom said she had to use it with my brother and it worked but doesn't seem like anything works with my son. PLEASE HELP:) We have already did the change of his diet no red dyes and stuff didn't work either


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I agree with Brooke's suggestion about the exercise, using up some of that energy would certainly help. I, personally, would consider having him tested again by another professional regarding the ADHD, just to be sure before putting him on medication, but before I did THAT, I would take a closer look at the child's diet, eliminating dyes and harmful additives such as corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup is a great start. I have know children (and adults) to have food allergies that can cause this type of behavior. Cutting back or eliminating processed foods would aid his little body in many ways. A good resource if you know his blood type would be Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. James D'Adamo (a very good book in general on foods and how it affects the body based on blood types), there is a whole series available and I believe most libraries have it so you don't have to buy it before checking it out. This doesn't mean that he isn't ADHD, but it will help him in the short term and the long term regardless of ADHD.

You might also consider seperating them at night and putting the baby in another room in the house until the sleep patterns improve with the 5 year old. Other than that, I would keep encouraging your child to be active, be active with him, and reassure him if he seems frustrated. If you get frustrated, count to 10, call a friend. Hope this helps and I hope you see results soon.


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Brooke - posted on 04/13/2010




For a start, make sure you tell the school that he has been diagnosed, talk to the teacher personally and make sure she is prepared for this. The second thing I would advise is to get him into sports, especially running types. If you can wear him out with exercise than he will sleep better. Most sporting places start taking kids at 5 and a lot of organisations have plans in place to help if expenses are a problem. If you are trying to do things at home and he can't settle down, get him to run around the yard 3 or 4 times, then try again. I know it may not sound quite right, as if you are working him to death or something, but it just may save your sanity.

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