Any ideas for a gift for my Grandparents who are in their 80's??

CMI1973 - posted on 11/23/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




It's sad to say, but I am not really close with my elderly Grandparents anymore. I now have 2 young children and we see them maybe 2x per year. Thay have everything and it makes gift giving at Christmas difficult. They are my Dad's parents and he passed away 2 years ago creating even more of a gap. I have very beautiful memories of them, but we are just not a close family like e are on Mom's side. They dont call us or visit us. We are only called for major events like their 50th anniversary. They give each of their Grandchildren and Great Grand children asubstantial amount of money each Christmas (hundredS of dollars) and They don't want anymore "stuff". So we always give them useful gift cards along with a little treat or gift. am running out of ideas of the little treats and gifts to give. HELP! I don't know them well enough to give them something personal....any ideas would be appreciated. I'd love to give them the gift of time spent with them....but we just arent close enough andit would be strange.


Linda - posted on 11/23/2012




How about artwork from your kids? Or a collage of photos of your kids? My parents are in their 80's too and they absolute love this stuff. They have them hanging all over their house, reminding them how lovely their grandkids are.

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