Any ideas on what can we get our 4year old boy for Christmas?

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We live in Melbourne, Australia and I find my my 4year old boy, John, quite challenging to buy presents for. He loves the outdoors and riding his bike. He would rather be in the park than inside playing with toys and we have no garden, only have a balcony for him to play on (it's very safe and he's always supervised!). When I ask him what he would like from Santa he tells me a Superman drink bottle with the cord to hang over his shoulder. This is find of course but there is only so much you can do with a drink bottle. Any suggestions are very welcome as I'm running out of creative ideas!!! Our budget is $50-$100.


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Thanks Kelly & Lindsay they are both great ides. Not quite sure what the plasma cars are but will go and ask at local toy store :)

Kelly - posted on 12/08/2009




i have a 17 yr old boy and girls 14,12,10. building blocks are great. maybe wooden ones to start. but since my son was 4 i've bought a lego set every year. obviously start out with duplos. i just got rid of the duplo sets a couple years ago and they still wish we kept them. they have actually said to me they wish we would of had more sets of the wooden ones though, for the army men and matchbox cars. just make sure you get a storage box for clean up. they never grow out of legos. i must have a $1000 worth of legos, trust me I'm keeping those for my grandkids one day (in the far future).

Lindsay - posted on 12/06/2009




We have gotten these little plasma cars for both kids for christmas (4 1/2 and 3). Of course they don't know about them yet so I can't say how they like them but they had great reviews and you can find them just about anywhere!

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