Any SAHM with school age kid(s)?

Sarah - posted on 07/18/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm looking for advice from other SAHM of school age kids.

I have a 7yr old and for the last year I've stayed at home with her (I sold real estate on the side but only had three sales all year and I worked full time for the first 6 years mostly as a single mom).

So here's my question... My sister (high profile job with a 10 month old) CONSTANTLY 'reminds' me that what I do isn't a job and basically calls me lazy. When I admit that I feel lucky to be able to spend this time at home and appreciate my dh for supporting us financially (I do the cooking/cleaning/budgeting/shopping/church volunteering...typical SAHM stuff) she tells me I'm being basically a bum and I'm just 'lucky' my husband wants to shelter my burdon. Now keep in mind we are financially fine on one income and my dh loves that I'm home to do the things I mentioned above.

So being that I love my sister dearly how do I tell her that I deserve some respect even if I don't bring home a paycheck? Or is she right that if my child is in school I should get a job just to 'contribute'?


Stephanie - posted on 07/19/2011




It's sad that value is no longer put upon being a stay at home mom but I'm in your boat. Fact is your sister is probably upset that she doesn't get to stay home with her child or is torn with her decision. After all a 10 month old learns very quickly and she is probably missing alot. Unfortunatly to everyone else in the world you will never be "busy", and never have a "job" to go to. Nothing you can do will ever change their train of thought. All you can do is say that right now my priority is my 7yr old. I can be there for class parties and be home for him when he is sick. This time goes by all to fast and I don't want to miss a moment of it. I understand if your priorities are different right now but I would appreciate it if you tried to understand mine. She just may not realize that her comments upset you.

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