any suggestions on how to treat baby acne?


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Cynthia - posted on 08/13/2010




dove sope is good even for babies. my dco said it was better then baby soapp on kids with acne.

Thandi - posted on 08/13/2010




Both my sons suffer from eczema in their first months of being born. i was them with aqueous cream from Bennetts or rooibos soap. moisturise skin with the aqueous cream after drying and stop using other soaps until they are completly rid of it. some babies can use other things after its gone but for some you can never use other soaps as it may come back

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How old is your baby? If it's infant acne (the kind that comes out in the first couple of weeks after birth) you really shouldn't do anything. Just clean the face with warm water. It will go away on its own. The baby is just regulating out the hormones from birth. Whatever the age don't pick at it because it can leave scars.

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