B-day gift?

Candy - posted on 01/25/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




We have a neighbor that my kids have played with since we have moved in 3 years ago. I have bought her a b-day gift for the 1st two years. Her b-day and my daughter's are 2 days apart. This year I am not sure what to do. She came over to our house the other day and was demanding to know if one of the other neighbor girls knew her b-day and what she was going to get her. I turned to her and asked when if she knew when that child's b-day was. No she didnt. Then I said when is (my child's) b-day. She didnt know. Then my daughter tells me the other day when she came over to play she was asking what they were going to get her. She started to list the two things I have already gotten her for her b-day. This family is poor and the mother has 5 or more children with 5 or more fathers. I was being nice getting the child something for her b-day but I dont like this behavior. She is not being gratful or respectful about the gifts I have gotten her. She is acting titled to a gift. Mind you her mother has only bought my kid one gift. My child invites her to her party every year. Not for gifts because I know the family is low on money but so the child can come over and play and get a goodie bag. I am questioning wether to give her a gift at all this year. I have something but I dont think I should give it to her because of her behavior. What are you guy's thoughts on this?

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