Bad School? = Sad child & Bad Attitude - Your thoughts please.

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My oldest boy stated Kindy this year he has been in care since 8 wks so there was no major issues or so we thought. Two weeks in to school he starts getting very clingy, crying and even runing out the school gate after me! This was in line with an incident at after school care where he was held down by another kindy kid and pinched. I let it go thinking it was a one off wk3 he gets kicked by a yr4 kid. He's still crying each time I leave him at school. He cant tell me if hes made any new friends in kindy. I try to speak to the teacher, leave a message she returns my call at 3pm by leaving a message stating she doesnt thing there is anything wrong. I see her on Monday in the playground and she again brushes off my concerns. Sam is still crying each time I leave him, I speak to the assistant principal who assures me, it has gotten slightly better Sam doesnt cry when I leave him - we had a big talk about big boys etc etc. But now I am told by my husband that he had a conversation with Sam who stated that the girl who sits next to him class wont even speak to him! HIs attitude has also diminished significantly being cheeky and rude and not listening. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!! This is a private school we selected as we both work and travel a lot. I am at my wits end! And I am so worried I cant sleep! How do I stop this? Should I move schools?


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Vickie - posted on 03/03/2010




I would go and observe the day at your son's need to see what's going on. if he's clingy this might be difficult...but the first thing i've done when i hear issues at school is i want to know whats happening there. it can be very eye opening and it could lead to changes actually taking place in the way they do things. i am thinking of my own experience at a so called good private school. it was not the place for us as a family. we gave it a good try, about 3 years. ...but when kindergarten started it was clear they were beginning to label and i didn't feel they cared for my child. i pulled him out FAST and we went to a previously researched public charter. it is the smartest thing we ever did and i'm so proud of that choice.

now it sounds like this is a new place so give it a fair shot but try and spend some time on the school grounds. can they use help from parents? to volunteer in class? this would be a good opportunity to check out what's happening. if they object to this you'll know it's time to leave.

they are still "little" boys who need hugs and cuddles, K is a huge step!

best of luck to you!

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Thanks, thats how I felt a friend of mine also has her little girl in Kindy and cant sing enough praises about the school, teacher and kids there - makes me wonder where I went wrong with the selection of school. Will move the poor blighter I think he does say he enjoys school but mind you this kid would say he enjoys anything where he interacts with other kids. Thank you for your comments I was really at my wits end last night or I should say very early this morning!

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If the teacher cant spare you half an hour to sit down and chat about your son then she doesnt care about your son at all. Hes obviously not happy there i would move him. I had similar problems with my son when he started school but it was with the teacher not the other kids, he started wetting and pooing himself in school and im sure the teachers were shouting at him. I moved him to another school and he settled in so quick the teachers in his new school seem more centred on the children and their happiness and welfare. He runs into school every morning with a smile on his face and i think that says it all.

Jennifer - posted on 03/02/2010




that bring Red Flags..anyone who doesn't address concerns and finds solutions to fixing the problem is a big concern..I remember having a daycare when I was young where there were issues like that and it has long term effects on me now. Obviously you need to speak with someone higher as there is a problem if your son is not happy. Private or not there is a problem with the care your child is getting, listen to your child if there has never been an issue with leaving him before than you know someone there is treating your child bad

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