Beautiful Toddler Daughter, Globally Delayed?

Trinity River - posted on 01/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 yr old Daughter doesn't walk, talk, or eat solid foods. She uses a Sippy and I vita-mix EVERYTHING! I have had her in PT, and OT, as well as a 3rd Therapy which they call "Play" therapy. She has never been diagnosed with anything and I am wondering about any similar stories out there. She crawls, Stands on her own, communicates through sounds and gestures, is extremely social and loving. Just trying to find some similar sounding stories! Infinite blessings, Aloha.

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Trinity River - posted on 01/13/2013




thanks so much. I am so blessed and Honored to be her mama. I just find myself searching and searching for answers and really there is nothing WRONG with her, just something so DIFFERENT. Its like I gave Birth to a whole new Species of Human, or Star Child or something!! I just wanna know what else I can do if anything because I wanna give her the best chance I can! Were your kids Developmentally Delayed at all? Blessings.

Cecilia - posted on 01/11/2013




my story is no where near exact. I had a son and from birth they knew something was wrong. at 3 months we noticed ( when i say we, i mean I noticed and then told doctors) he still wasn't holding his head up at all. he wouldn't reach for things. basically he was still acting as if he were a day old. They ran every test that consisted of just letters that you can think of, cat,mri,eeg,ekg. Nothing showed up. Not one thing. We started OT and PT, After 6 months they started to notice he has a sever nystagmus(twitching of the eyes). We then started vision therapy.

moving ahead, Someone finally said we think we know what it is. They said it was opsoclonus myoclonus. Mind you about 98% of the time this means there is a brain tumor. Back to testing tumor found.

When he was a year old i gave birth to my daughter. She had the same thing! this ruled out opsoclonus myoclonus, as it is not genetic. Me and his father break up before my daughter is born. He had 2 more children to another woman, they have it also. he has more kids to other women- they all have it.

My son learned to walk when he was 2 1/2. To this day, i don't have a diagnosis,all i do know is that they are legally blind, which means they can see but not very well. They still have nystagmus but all eye doctors can tell me is that it is not causing the blindness. he is now 13 and my daughter 12.

Through all the therapies you would walk by them on the street and never know they had anything different about them. They still do OT, PT, and Vision and what is called orientation and mobility ( this teaches them how to catch public buses, walk around town, follow maps, read street signs and addresses using a monocular, you know the scope things pirates use..) In school they require some extras, such as extra time on tests but i try to keep it to a minimum.

Start looking into camps and such for her. Many offer animal therapy, such as petting horses. If nothing else, they are fun for you and her. I know many camps are specialized so it might be harder to find one for your baby, keep trying.

Keep your head up. It may seem like it isn't moving along as fast as you hope sometimes. Sometimes we have to accept that our babies are so special they havn't come up with a name for it yet.

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