Bedtime Battles

Christie - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have 4 y/o and 6 y/o girls that share a room. I need bedtime suggestions ~ it takes us over an hour for them to get to sleep because of their playing. We have taken all toys out of their room, but they are quite creative and play anyway!


Anna - posted on 08/30/2010




have you tried shutting off as many lights as possible so they have very little visual stimulation? also, sometimes soothing lullaby music (like classical) will help them fall asleep. this works with my 5 y/o son for the most part when we are home... also its a good idea to be consistent so if they spend the night on weekends with a family member, make sure that family member is aware of your sleep plan and how important it is that they follow through with it as well.


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Latisha - posted on 08/31/2010




I am struggling with this also with my 5 year old and school starts next week. His doctor suggested a sleeping aid and ive tried that and it seems like he fights through it. Now I dont know what to do because I have tried the putting him in bed at 8 but three hours later he is still woke even if he is lying in bed. Help me too!!!

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Hello! I did the same thing with my sister! same age difference between us as with your girls. No matter what we would get all giggly at night mom and dad never did find a good way to get us to sleep...we just sort of grew out of it! good luck!!

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Yep - whatever works! I am grateful we have found a stress free way to get it done... good luck!!!

Christie - posted on 08/31/2010




Yes, the lights are off, except for their night light. They have an air purifier in the room and it provides some "white" noise too. We've been very consistent with their bedtime! I hesitate to do away with a bedtime as it is quite a struggle now to get them up and going in the morning and I don't want that to be worse! I think we may try to stagger their bedtimes a bit and see how it works! Thanks for your input!

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I had to laugh because there is no such thing as making someone go to sleep unless you physically do it. I laughed because they play even without the toys...too cute. Let me tell you what we did - not sure it would work for everyone - but my son did great! We eliminated bedtime. That's right! We did! He went about a week of trying to stay up until 11pm or so and then sure enough he started to go to bed around 8:30 or so because he was tired. He didn't have to push against bed time anymore because the rule was gone and he could regulate his own body and what it needed. Trust me, that week he stayed up, I'm quite sure he did not like staying in school all tired! But that one week we gave up saved us from a long time of arguing and fussing at night. Now, he's 11 and he takes his shower after dinner, we play a game or watch a movie or play with the dogs then he makes his way to bed. It worked for me. And every kid that has spent the night and said "I'm gonna try to stay up all night" I flinch not one little bit and say "okay cool!" and by 10:30pm they are knocked out... untraditional but does work!

Suzanne - posted on 08/31/2010




what about trying to split their bed times ie one at 715 the other at 730. that way the first child has that few minutes down time to setle befor the other one comes in

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