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I have a 5 year old son that just started kindergarten this week. He has been in daycare and around other kids since he was 6 weeks old. He has some home 2 days now with a note saying he has hit another child. Any suggestions on what to do?


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All you can do is let him know that his behavior was inappropriate. This new transition is probably difficult for him and he had a lapse in judgement - it happens. I always tell my kids that whatever punishment they get at school will be doubled at home. The two older ones (17, 12) have never tested me but the youngest (9) has-- but only once - LOL.


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I can not stress enough, talk to your child to really understand what happened. As a coach to parents and children, I am amazed at how many times people jump to conclusions without fully understanding what really happeded. I had a case recently when a child was told she was bullying another child and the parent was really concerned. When I spoke to this child (one on one) and asked what really happened, I found out that there was no bullying involved and that a teacher walked in at just one instance and assumed that this child was bullying, so please, sit down with your child, ask open questions and really understand what happened, what they were thinking, what they were feeling etc before you assume anything. Please, your child will feel like they can open up to you in future if they know you dont take sides, you are willing to listen and offer advice and support.
Good Luck
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