Bike Phobia

Theresa - posted on 05/10/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 7 year old son does not like to ride his bike, is afraid to ride his bike, and is refusing to ride his bike. He hasn't ridden very much, and he still has training wheels. Any advice on how I can get him over this hurdle?


Angie - posted on 05/10/2010




Ride your bike with him. If he still doesn't want to, let it go. He may decide when he's older that it's something he wants to do.


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Let them do there own child was 2and a half and wanted to learn and we just let her take the training wheels off and as soon as she didnt want to do it back on the went at age 3 and a half she was off on her bike no training wheels.I just always said to her you can do it ,and to focus and concentrate lol i would hear her saying it to her self and when she took off she was so proud of herself as we were.:-)it will happen in there own time.I was 8-9 when i thought myself.So dont push it the will do it in there own time if thats what the want.

She stared a craze with the the older children 4and up to learn so it was great and in a few weeks or mths the were also off.

Janel - posted on 05/16/2010




My son is 9 and still does not know how to ride. He saw some of his friend riding to school and so now he wants to learn this summer so that he can ride to school next year.

Janet - posted on 05/16/2010




Hi my daughter rides a bike ok she came off a month ago and it shocked her so i'm getting her to practice on her bike to stop so the accident that she had does not happen again well not whilst it's in her control. My Daughter has a phobia against swimming, my point is many children all over the world have a phobia against something in time they either get over it or it grows with them, Can i ask you? Do you have a phobia? I hope for your sake he gets over this but don't push him.

Pam - posted on 05/11/2010




My daughter was afraid of her bike until she was 7 and after many assurances that she would be okay she let us take her up to the elementary school on a weekend (flat ground as our neighborhood is quite hilly) to teach her to ride. Once she realized she could do it we couldn't get her off. My 5 year old on the other hand hopped right on and was gun-ho and can ride now without training wheels. I just say don't push it. Offer assurances and if he resists wait until he's ready.

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