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My daughter is 6 years old (almost 7) and is 46 inches tall and 52 pounds. We live in Virginia. I have her in a booster car seat, the backless kind that is just for belt positioning. She complains about it daily saying that she doesn't want to sit in a "baby seat". Does anyone know at what age/weight/height a child doesn't need to be in a belt positioning seat? Thanks!


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In KY it's 4'9". had a great video produced just for kids, called "Boosters are for Big Kids." My daughter is 5 and harnessed in a 5 point and will be until she hits 65 pounds (the limit of her seat). Too many people text and drive anymore.

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Thanks to everyone.  She knows that it's not negotiable, so she does it - just protests.  We even have 2 booster seats, one in my car and one in my husbands car so that we're covered no matter who she's riding with.  I was just checking because I heard something like they had to be 4'11" and I was that height in college!!  I would feel sorry for her if she had to take her driving seat in a car seat : )

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up here in Canada our BC law is until 9 years old unless deemed by a physician too big to be in one (height or weight) but most boosters here go to at least 100 pounds so it is not likely you will be out of one before you are 9. Also you can tell your child it is for their safety, at 6 they can understand this. My oldest 2 kids were 3.5 and 4.75 when we moved to canada and prior to this they sat without seatbelts, or on laps and it was a big adjustment for them, but now they are all good with it.

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I live in Washington state. Here the law is 8yrs or 49 inches. There is a website I can't remember the naem at the moment, where you can find out each state law. Start with your states DOT website. Good luck.

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I think every state is different.  Ohio just passed a law for boosters for 8 & 80 pounds, 4 feet 9 inches!

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According to (Virginia Department of Health) they have to be in a booster seat until the day they turn 8.

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Carrie is right each state is different. My 6 and 5 year old are still in booster seats and will be until they are 8 years old and or 80lbs and their knees bend over the front of the seat. I am sure they will reach 8 years old first because my 6 year old only weighs 47 lbs. Mine don't complain because they know it is not negotiable in fact when my dad tried to give them a ride in just the feed truck to go feed some cows on the ranch they were petrified because they didn't have their car seats lol!

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Each state has different laws about booster seats.  Some states have an age, weight and height requirement.  Sometimes you have to meet one and sometimes all three.  Check with your police dept or highway patrol.  A good rule is her knees should bend at the edge of the seat.

My 9 yo just got out of the booster last year.  He didn't like it, but it was the rule.

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