Bucket of Water in lieu of washing hands...

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This week I was helping out in my daughter's VPK class. Because they do not have a restroom in the classroom (there is one in the room next door) they are using a bucket of water that has been placed on the floor to rinse their hands after messy projects (paint, glue, etc.). I was appalled ~ 16 kids sticking theirs hands in a bucket of water after doing G-d knows what with their hand.... I discussed it with one of the other moms from the class and she spoke to the director of the school and felt like the director was blowing her off and it wasn't a big deal. I think it's disgusting ~ it encourages spreading germs. And I think if the Health Department was informed they would be in trouble. Am I over-reacting?


Angie - posted on 09/17/2010




I don't think that health department would get involved in this. I wouldn't like it either and I'd speak with the director myself. The more parents that bring their discomfort to administration, the more chance there is for change. In the meantime, send your child to school with antibacterial gel and insist it is used after each trip to 'the bucket?


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Tan - posted on 09/19/2010




You are not over reacting. Am a pre-school teacher and kids have more germs on their hands than adults. It is hygienic to wash hads under running water, say somthing for the sake of the kids, they are learning incorrectly.

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I think wipes are a better option too. And I have no problem suppling them for the entire class. Thanks for the inpute ladies :)

Juliana - posted on 09/18/2010




A bucket of water is a good way to spread germs especially if the kids are little. I would talk with some other parents and also talk to the director to find a new solution. Maybe baby wipes to clean their hands? Thats my solution to everything in my home daycare, then they each have individual cloths and there's less chance of germs.

Sherri - posted on 09/17/2010




I don't see the big deal in the least. It is water to rinse hands from glue and paint. I am quite sure they still wash there hands with soap and water after use of the bathroom etc. Yes I would certainly say you are over reacting.

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