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I am having a problem with Gabe getting bullied at school, its been an ongoing problem. We have talked with teachers, principals, and school councelors, the only solution given was for Gabe to tell the teacher. OK but I dont want him to be labeled the tattle tail of the 3rd grade. I tell him to not to let the kids get to him and walk away, but sometimes it dont work, or the kids follow him. Gabe's has very little self-esteem because of this and doesnt like school this year. Any suggestions?


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Erika, that sounds really serious. I know your frustrated, so many times I wish I could go to the school & stand up for my son while he is being picked on., I really think that the child picking on your son is causing him harm. You have the right to call the principal & ask for a meeting with the other child's parents. They may not even know what their child is doing & they be the best influence on him to change his behavior. Although you have to remember he learned to bully from some where so be prepared for them to have an " attitude" about the meeting. I told the teacher if something isn't done about it, I am going to be going to class with my son & will shadow him for the day & I will resolve the problem myself. It can't go on, we know what happens & your child deserves to be happy & have fun and not worry. I hope you find a solution, hang in there!

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My 7y/o son is been bullied for the last 4 weeks, I spoke to everybody I had to, but things are getting worst. The worst of everything its that he's discharging that anger against me. saying hurting comments lik he wants to suicide and that he hates me and sort of things that while I write them now, I'm crying at the same time. I know this bully issue gets worst over the time if the victim keeps it quite, but also, how do we know things are getting better when they pretend they are?. When academically he's doing good, but at home nothiung changes?

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If it is that bad of a problem then go to the school board. Someone will eventually listen to the problem and fix it. I hope it works out for you. My son is also in the 3rd grade and he got in trouble for fighting at school because he stood up for a handicapped child that was being bullied. I went to pick him up and he thought he was is big trouble.because I don't agree with fighting unless it is defending yourself. The principle gave us a long talking to and I took my son for ice cream. lol He did the right thing for sticking up for the girl and I would have been wrong to punish him for that.

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My son had bully too. I tried the teachers & school and they have so many rules they need to follow it was no help. I figured the best thing I could do for my son is boost his confidence. We put him in a karate class, a class not offered by his school. So he had fresh start with new kids & he did really great. This didn't fix all our problems but it helped. If that's not an option, maybe you can take him to volunteer some where, just something to make him feel good about himself. Best of luck to you, it breaks my heart to know our sweet kids have to deal with mean kids. It's just not fair.

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