California law about leaving a child outside the class?

Krisie - posted on 12/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am trying to get information regarding the rights and laws of a child with an IEP. I have a 6th grader with high function autism. We live in California , so I am not sure if the laws here are different from others. A quick summary....his teacher told him to stay outside and not attend a concert. It was inside a building and it was cold outside. The concert usually last from 30 to a hour not sure, long enough. He was outside by himself ....he was so cold and decided to walk to his classroom, he saw the aid in the classroom and talk to her. He was
upset and crying...I asked him some questions to try and clear things up. So I went to school the next morning to talk to the principle or vice principle ....which of course neither we're available. The secretary told me I should talk to the teacher. So she got her on the phone, I told what Nik said happened....she told me none of
that was true, she did no why he would say that. She also told me she but him outside for throwing a water bottle. But went back and got him, but she forgot to tell me that the second time that day that she put him outside. She said my son glares at her, which he does not glare at anyone. There were other words exchanged but she made me feel so bad and was not very nice, just rude..... So I said why don't we get together all three of us and see what happens, get to the bottom of this....she said I am to busy this week maybe next week. I will send you an email. I got off the phone and was very upset.I left the school in tears because no one would help after awhile I ended up calling the district because I felt no one was helping me and would not listen or address this issue or that it was a concern. So she( district) is looking into it and might get back to me if she feels needed. Which this is the second time this year that I have had an issue with this teacher. So I just need some outside help and was hoping you might let me know and how to deal with this matter.
I feel this teacher has it out for my son, and if she talks to me as a parent, how is she treating this kids. I also think you should not or can not leave a kids outside in the cold for over 30 minutes. He does not understand why she pulled him outside. He took upon himself to walk back to class by himself, because he was so cold and missed the whole concert.


Shauna - posted on 12/14/2012




Well all I can say is that you have taken the necessary steps to get something done about it and I would have to agree with you about that teacher having it out for your son. that teacher should be fired for what she is doing to not only your son but I am sure she is treating some of the other kids the same way except not leaving them outside the classroom. Just keep at it until you get some answers and you call whoever you have to about it. You could even call the child abuse hotline and report her if the district doesn't do anything about it. Have her investigated by them and maybe they will get something figured out for you. Hope everything goes ok.

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