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Tamara - posted on 05/12/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 2nd grader calls at least once a week to get out of school. The first time I thought it was funny. She called because her foot hurt. But then it was her throat. And her head. Today she said she was going to throw up. I don't know what to do. Yesterday she stayed home because she didn't feel well but half way through the day she was up playing like nothing was wrong. I feel a little guilty for not getting her when she says she doesn't feel well, but I can't be taking her out of school every other day. Any suggestions on how to get her to call only when she really NEEDS to come home? Is it just an age thing that I need to wait until it ends?


Tanya - posted on 05/12/2010




Have you talked with her teachers and others (like the principal) at her school. It sound like something might be going on. Is this only happening once a week or on the other days is she trying but not wanting to seem obvious that she don't want to go to school. Have you asked her if something is wrong at school? I know my kids go to school unless they have a fever or something contagious like strep/pink eye/ chicken pox but they go if they have just a cough or a sneeze or even a headache I give them a little childrens pain med and they are good to go.. But they arent trying go get out of school very ofter its only when they feel really bad they and I ususally see it first. Missing once a week is a lot also if she is going to the nurse a lot she is missing classroom time. It could be a problem in the class or it could be a problem on the playground with other students. I suggest you ask her if something is going on at school, if she don't give anything up I would go in and talk with her teacher and/or principal I am actully suprised they haven't called you yet missing once a week and spending too much time in the nurse office I would think they would find out when she is going to the nurse is she at resses just in from resses or is it classroom time when she asks to go what are they doing in the class when she is asking.. I don't suggest waiting untill it ends because I have taken care of numerous children and they usually aren't like this at all in grade school the only one I have taken care of that did this is one girl in 3rd grade she would call from the nurse during school all the time and I did some digging and found out she was being bullied.. I was just her baby sitter so her mom had to handle it from there with the school but things seem to be going pretty good for her now... I hope you do some looking into this.. Good Luck

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