can a doc test for a problem after 3 unsuccesful pregnancy's?

Rebecca - posted on 08/25/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




after haveing 3 misscarrages i am begining to wonder if there is something wrong with me, i really want another baby and the last preg ended with me in hospital having an opperation due to baby dying at 12 weeks.


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Kathleen - posted on 08/26/2009




Sorry to hear about your loss, I agree with these ladies, relax talk with your doctor see what or if any test are necessary. Take some time away from trying your body need a chance to heal. I was 41 when I had my second baby but I had determine before that if I could not have another I would always be happy with the fact that I had one baby - other people can never have any - be blessed. Reminder you can adopt another baby/child there are tons on kids who need a great Mom and Dad. Hope it works out for u.

Ann-marie - posted on 08/26/2009




firstly let me say how very sorry for you and your partner i'am. i lost my 1st baby at 19wks and 2nd at 10wks. i got bloods etc after my 1st Alfie because it was late in pregnancy. however when i lost my 2nd Ted i was told you had to really lose three in concession to be classed as a habitual misscariager. don't they have some lovely terms? my consultant however sorted all my tests after Ted. my 3rd pregnancy was my big and strong girl. you are entitled unfortunately because of your past to have genetic testing and they test for a whole aray of things that can be wrong with your blood. you need to push my love for these people to help you. best of look to you both.p.s they test both of you and you will get counselling for the genetic side of it.

Jaimie - posted on 08/25/2009




i'm so sorry for your losses! there are several tests that can be ran. i've had 1 misscarrage and 1 succsessful, after some tests were ran like i had bloodwork done and and ultrasound done i found out i have PCOS which makes it tougher to get pregnant and has high risk of misscarrage. and i have a thyroid problem. talk to your doc there are tests they can do to give you some answers. best of luck!!!!

Christa - posted on 08/25/2009




I have five children but have had two miscarriages. My miscarriages I found out (after the 1st one) were due to a thyroid condition. Have you ever had your thyroid tested? Something to think about.

Jodie - posted on 08/25/2009




my friend was told that miscarriage is normal if, however, after 3 lost babies they would then consider the fact that there could be a problem, so they started looking into it!! If all your miscarriages are documented as hers were then they should start running tests!hope this is some help

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