Can I homeschool being a single working mom?

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I am a single mom of a 5th grader who hates school. This was her first year in middle school and it has not been good. She used to love to learn and love school but this year has changed that. I would love to homeschool but am not sure if that is an option for me because I also need to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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As a teacher and a single mom I would say it would be very tough. I adopted a boy from Ethiopia and do an hour of tutoring him every day and that just about kills me along with everything else that has to get done after work. However I considered doing during the online schooling with my daughter who was sick for about 3 months what seemed like at least once a week and that did look doable. So if you have someone who can keep an eye on her and help her, I would consider that.

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Anything is possible if you put your heart and mind to it! They do have some homeschool programs on DVD, which limits the amount of time you have to spend teaching her. If you have an employer who will be flexible in your hours, you could make it work. No one says you have to homeschool during the hours of 8 and 3. You could homeschool a few hours a day during the week and really push it on the weekends.
Have you tried having her change teachers, see the guidance counselor, or changing schools?
Good luck!

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I'd say it depends how long your work hours are. If you can work only a couple of days a week, or work from home, it might be possible. But if you work outside of the house, I don't see how you can be a home schooler.

Someone earlier suggested that you would have to get someone else to "watch her" during the day.... I think providing your daughter's education at home would require a lot more than someone "watching her" and sticking her in front of the computer. Homeschooling is a MASSIVE commitment in time and energy - not to be embarked on lightly!

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Middle school is tough. It's a time of change and transition. Tell your 5th Grader to hang in there. MANY people feel the way she does.

As for homeschooling, I believe there are some great resources out there. Many states offer online learning now... Try this site:

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First, I would try to figure out what caused the sudden change. If it was a matter of a certain teacher or child, then I would explain that these are things that we will all encounter throughout life, even as adults. If she still resists, maybe she can transfer to a different school in the same town. Online public schools are a better choice than homeschooling for the simple fact that if she ever decides to go back to public school, she will have to take a test.

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Middle school is always a horrible experience, especially for girls. I would try to figure out what is going on to make her feel this way, especially if she liked school before. It's the same kids, just different surroundings plus hormones, bullies, peer pressure, etc. Being a single mom and homeschooling while not impossible will be difficult. If she is very self motivated and has no problem reading and understanding the lessons on her own it would probably work. But if she is more of an auditory learner it probably won't work out so well for her. Good luck.

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It's an option, but you'll have to find someone to watch her during the day and I would recommend an online school like k12 so you don't have to be responsible in your limited time to find the curriculum etc. You can also order complete curriculum sets at Curriculum Services. has links to finding homeschool resources and co-ops in every state and you can also find the legal requirements for homeschooling in your state there.

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There are a few options for you.
You can find another mom who wants to homeschool and works a different shift from you and ya'll can trade off (two of my former co-workers did that for a few years until one got promoted & shifts changed, but by that time they had a 17-y-o daughter and so she just watched the other kids for the two hours or so that both moms worked).
You could find a friend who is willing to keep an eye on your 5th grader while you are at work. They could either help her with her lessons or you could do that when you are off work.
I don't know where you live, but here in Florida we have the Virtual School which allows kids to be homeschooled but they do lessons with regular teachers online, so your daughter could do her lessons while she's being watched by someone else while you are working.
I'd suggest finding something to help your daughter with school. I totally understand the "hating school" thing. I was in school for about 18 months and 4 grades - I hated it. Then my parents started homeschooling and that was awesome.
I homeschool my 15-year old sister via the internet. She types most of her assignments to me via email, some are through regular mail (some algebra, trig, geometry, & penmanship practice), and we talk of the phone or chat when she needs additional help. So there are ways.
~Hope this helps!
~Alice Tart

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